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Causes of Autoimmune Hepatitis - Drug Interactions With Telaprevir

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  • Causes of Autoimmune Hepatitis
    The cause or causes of autoimmune hepatitis may be linked to genetic and environmental factors. This eMedTV article outlines these possible autoimmune hepatitis causes (which could include certain genes, toxins, or drugs).
  • Causes of Hepatitis D
    As this eMedTV page explains, causes of hepatitis D can include exposure to blood or blood products (such as through infected needles used for tattoos or body piercing), as well as exposure to other infected bodily fluids (such as semen or saliva).
  • Causes of Hepatitis E
    What are some examples of hepatitis E causes? This eMedTV page explains that hepatitis E is commonly spread through oral contact with something that has been contaminated with the stool of someone infected with the hepatitis E virus.
  • Chronic Autoimmune Hepatitis
    As this eMedTV page explains, symptoms of chronic autoimmune hepatitis (a type of liver inflammation) may come and go over time. This article describes specific symptoms, discusses treatment, and provides a link to more detailed information.
  • Cure for Hepatitis B
    The only cure for hepatitis B, once infection with the virus has occurred, is time. This eMedTV Web page explains that the body can usually kill the virus. This page also lists high-risk situations to avoid as part of hepatitis B prevention.
  • Diagnosing Autoimmune Hepatitis
    This eMedTV page lists tests a doctor may use for diagnosing autoimmune hepatitis (like a liver biopsy). This page also explains that the doctor will consider other conditions that can have the same symptoms as autoimmune hepatitis (like liver cancer).
  • Diagnosing Hepatitis A
    The procedure used when diagnosing hepatitis A consists of a physical exam, often followed by certain tests. This eMedTV segment provides a detailed look at the process, including a list of symptoms and medical conditions with similar symptoms.
  • Diagnosing Hepatitis B
    This eMedTV page covers the steps involved in diagnosing hepatitis B (such as taking the medical history). This page also explains that the doctor will consider other conditions that can share similar symptoms with hepatitis B before making a diagnosis.
  • Diagnosing Hepatitis D
    A hepatitis D diagnosis begins with taking the patient's medical history and performing a physical exam. This eMedTV article describes other tests a doctor may use as part of diagnosing hepatitis D (for example, liver enzyme tests).
  • Drug Interactions With Boceprevir
    As this eMedTV page explains, boceprevir can interact with several drugs, including bosentan and antiseizure medications. This article explains the effects of these and other interactions and describes what you can do to decrease your risk of problems.
  • Drug Interactions With Peginterferon Alfa-2a
    As discussed in this eMedTV article, interactions could occur if peginterferon alfa-2a is used with zidovudine, methadone, or many other drugs. This page lists other products that may cause problems and describes the complications that may occur.
  • Drug Interactions With Sofosbuvir
    This eMedTV page explains how interactions can occur when sofosbuvir is combined with certain drugs, such as Dilantin. This article lists a number of other products that can react with sofosbuvir, with details on the potential results of the interactions.
  • Drug Interactions With Telaprevir
    As this eMedTV segment explains, interactions may occur if telaprevir is combined with warfarin, trazodone, or a number of other drugs. This page outlines other medications that may cause problems and describes the complications that may occur.
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